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Chuck Grassley

United States Senator from Iowa

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Parenting and motherhood in the midst of military life

Mom Life

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Ever dream of a morning where you are drinking a cup of coffee, checking e-mail, paying a few bills, and you are without interruption and it’s quiet?! This is no dream. Teaching children to play independently, while you get some business done around the house, is totally possible, and you can start from birth! Today I’m continuing on with my Babywise Basics series and talking about Independent Playtime (If you missed my previous Babywise Basics posts on Casadei Woman Leather Platform Sandals Neutral Size 375 Casadei j6tKz
and How to Sleep-Train , be sure to check them out).

The idea of children playing alone comes most commonly from the book Babywise II . Using the Babywise method or not, anyone can teach their children this really awesome, mutually beneficial skill with a little bit of parental diligence.

1. Independent playtime defined.

Independent play time (IPT) is a daily scheduled time when your child plays alone, without parents or other siblings around. You choose the time of the day and with which toys your child will play. Occurring at approximately the same time every day, IPT typically takes place in a pack ‘n play or play yard for younger babies/ toddler. Older toddlers and children will transition from the play yard to their rooms and have IPT in their room or other room of the house.

Mental focusing skills : Playpen time helps a child develop the ability to concentrate on an object and apply knowledge to the activity at hand without distraction.

Sustained attention span: The interval during which a child can concentrate on a single object or activity will gradually improve and lengthen over time.

Creativity: Absolute freedom eliminates the need for creative thinking, while boundaries facilitate creativity. The child will learn to find enjoyment out of what’s available to them. The child will create meaningful new methods and interpretations during play.

Power analysis is challenging because it depends completely on assumptions and requirements we specify in advance. While we can comfortably rely on industry standard requirements for the power and the significance level, there are no such options for the detectable difference. However, if we follow some basic guiding principles, we should be able to find a detectable difference that satisfied all constituents. Specifically, the chosen detectable difference should incorporate the business context of the tactic that is being tested – e.g., ROI, and should be discussed in a cross-functional setting.

We should note that the use case covered in this post is a simple A/B test with equal sample sizes for test and control groups. Obviously, experimental designs and sampling schemes can get more much complex, but the underlying philosophy and approach are the same. And in all cases you will benefit from considering the business context when choosing the detectable difference.

Last but not least, Bayesian approaches to sample size determination exist as well. However, depending on your level of comfort with random distributions and Monte Carlo techniques, it may also be more challenging to execute. For more on Bayesian versus frequentist statistics, see this on the Stitch Fix technology blog.

In the example above, we did a test of proportions since the underlying outcome variable is binary. When comparing averages of continuous variables across two samples (such as revenue), the simplest test statistic is the t-test . This test statistic is similar to the test we use for proportions – i.e., subtract the means and divide by the pooled standard error. However, the detectable differences are typically expressed in terms of the effect size given by:

where S S is the pooled standard deviation, X 1 X 1 is the average of the control group, and X 2 X 2 is the average of the test group. When choosing the D D , we can follow the suggested framework above for the detectable difference. Another option is to use Cohen’s guidelines for small, medium, and large effects ( D = 0.2 , 0.5 , 0.8 D = 0.2 , 0.5 , 0.8 ). However, these values are tied to the historical variance of the data (the S S in the denominator) as opposed to the business context.


One of the top-ranked film schools in the country, SFTV provides a comprehensive academic education through small class sizes, engaged learning and world-class opportunities.


SFTV's selective programs welcome qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds and artistic viewpoints to join our community of dedicated storytellers, artists and scholars.

Beyond the Classroom

An SFTV education goes beyond the classroom with special programs, film screenings, guest speakers and more, bringing students face-to-face with some of the top names in the industry.


SFTV graduates are in high demand. Our alumni are successfully pursing careers in every area of the film and television industry, from art direction to 3D animation.

About SFTV

SFTV delivers the whole package, combining up-to-the-minute media education with a strong liberal arts foundation rooted in 500 years of Jesuit tradition.

> Academics > Graduate Programs > Writing and Producing for TV
In this section

The Writing and Producing for Television program has one goal: to prepare you for a professional career in the television industry, be it network, basic or premium cable, international or web-based. LMU provides the perfect platform for developing your craft; groups of eight unite in a non-competitive workshop setting where experimentation is applauded and the imagination encouraged to roam. You'll engage in constant revision to create a body of work that precisely conveys your artistry. Extensive hands-on production experience rounds out your immersion in this process.

Coursework in the first two years' centers on the development of spec scripts, pilots and long-form teleplays. But you'll also get a thorough grounding in writing for plays, games and the Internet and how the writers' room operates. By your third year, the creative refinement and technical skills you've acquired are funneled into a pipeline to a professional career. A scrupulous portfolio review, intensive pitching practice, and interaction with industry heavyweights mean you'll be comfortable and confident entering the workplace.

You will leave with a portfolio of speculative scripts, pilots and a webisode or trailer for a series you will write and produce. Whatever small-screen stories you choose to tell, you'll graduate with an insider's understanding of the business and the know-how you need to leap into your television career.

Lizzie Germann '17
Balancing Life and Creativity
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1 LMU Drive,Los Angeles, California 90045



919 Albany Street,Los Angeles, California 90015

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